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Forage Grass Chopper for animal feed

Time:2017年11月21日      Hits:

Forage Grass Chopper by Sunco Machinery is idealy chopping machine for cutting forage grass such as corn straw, alfalfa, rice straw, etc.

Forage Grass Chopper, Hay Chopper, Hay Cutter

By using the forage grass chopper machine, to cut and knead the grass into small pieces which can be directly to be used as animal feed for the cow, sheep, horse, etc, and it also can be used to produce the forage grass by using special fermentation process.

The output size of the forage grass chopper not only cut the grass into small pieces, but also break the stem of grass. As a result, the taste of grass will be better for the animals.

Sunco Machinery can supply the grass chopper for the small, medium, and large farm, and the capacity of grass chopper can be from 400kg per hour to 10000kg per hour.

Forage Grass Chopper, Hay Chopper, Hay Cutter

Forage Grass Chopper not only can be used to cut and crush the fresh grass, but also can be used to cut and crush the dry hay such as rice straw, wheat straw, etc.

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