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Small Glass bottle crusher for hotel use

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Small glass bottle crusher can deduct about 70% of the volume of the glass bottle. Sunco Machinery small glass bottle crusher is specially designed for the hotel to crush the glass bottles. 

For the hotel, the waste glass bottle occupy many storage place. We need to crush the waste glass bottle into small pieces, and then sell it. Of course, the small pieces of glass are easier to be recycled.

Small Glass bottle crusher, glass crusher, glass bottle crusher

In the crushing chamber of the small glass bottle crusher machine, there are hammers which are installed on the center shaft. The motor make the center shaft rotate in high speed. Thus, the hammers on the center shaft also rotates in high speed. 

The waste glass goes into the crushing chamber through the feed inlet, and it is crushed by the high speed hammers into small pieces.

On the bottom of the small glass bottle crusher machine, there is half round sieve, and on the sieve there are many holes. Only the small glass pieces can go through the sieve, the big size glass pieces will be crushed again by the hammers.  

Small Glass bottle crusher, glass crusher, glass bottle crusher

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