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Working Principle of Apple Pomace Dryer

Time:2019年07月31日      Hits:

What is the working principle of Apple Pomace dryer Machine ?

Apple Pomace Dryer Machine is developed by Sunco Machinery upon years' research, and it is Pomace continuous drying system

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Nowadays, Apple Pomace Drying System have worked successfully in many Fruit juice processing enterprises. Pomace Dryer Machine is suitable for the drying of apple pomace, pineapple pomace, Orange pomace, olive pomace, Grape pomace, etc. 

Focus on the apple pomace's special features such as big moisture content, high sugar content, easy to bond, Sunco Machinery Apple Pomace Dryer adopts series of original technology, solves all kinds of problems during the pomace drying process, and obtain very good drying effect. 

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Whole set of Pomace Drying System mainly contains : Coal fired Hot Air Furnace, Feeding Machine, Discharging Machine, Rotary Drum Dryer, Dust Cleaning System, Electric Control Box, High and Low Temperature Air Duct Tube, etc.

Apple Pomace Dryer's special designed inner structure help to disperse the wet apple pomace as much as possible, so that the high temperature air to heat and dry the apple pomace sufficiently, thus the apple pomace dryer can have high heat efficiency, and with less fuel consumption.

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