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Special Designed Rotary Dryer for drying apple pomace

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For the apple juice factory, everyday they not only produce large quantity of apple juice, but also generate large quantity of apple pomace.  The apple pomace is still in very high humidity up to 80%, and it is not suitable for package and storage.  

wet apple pomace

Then we have to find one suitable ways to process and dry the wet apple pomace.

Sunco Machinery has been working in the field of industrial drying machine for nearly 15 years, and we have accumulated much actual experience in the past years.

The apple pomace is with inner water, and which is not easy to be evaporated into water vapor. What is more, the apple pomace is in the type of lump which also add the difficulty of the apple pomace drying process.

According to the special features of apple pomace, Sunco Machinery specially designed one new type apple pomace dryer machine which is developed from the rotary drum dryer. The work flow of the apple pomace dryer system is as follows:

The below apple pomace dryer machine is to use the hot water of the boiler as heat source.

Apple Pomace dryer, apple pomace drying machine, rotary apple pomace dryer
*** By the heat exchanger, the hot water heat the cold air, and then generate the hot air for the apple pomace dryer.

*** Inlet screw conveyor sends the wet apple pomace into the special designed apple pomace dryer.

*** In the apple pomace dryer, the apple pomace is disperse as much as possible, and increase the heat contact area between the hot air and apple pomace, thus the hot air can heat and dry the apple pomace sufficiently.

*** Under the function of the draft fan, the exhaust air and water vapor leaves the pomace dryer machine, and goes into the cyclone dust separator.

*** Cyclone dust separator separates the exhaust air from the fine powder, and the exhaust air and water vapor leaves the cyclone dust separator, and goes through the draft fan, and finally goes into atmosphere.

*** Outlet belt conveyor takes the dry apple pomace from the pomace dryer, and send the dry apple pomace into the product storage area.

After being dried by the apple pomace dryer machine , the moisture content of the dry apple pomace can be reduce to be less than 15% or as need, and it can be packed into bags, and can be stored for long term. The dry apple pomace is high quality ainimal feed.

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