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Application of Pomace Dryer

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Application of Pomace Dryer :

The pomace dryer machine can be used for drying fruit dregs (apple pomace, tomato dregs, pear dregs, etc.), monosodium glutamate mycelial protein, beet dregs, starch dregs, corn dregs, citric acid tail liquor, feed, protein powder, sludge, coal sludge, drug dregs (penicillin mycelium, antibiotic dregs, oxytetracycline dregs), etc.

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The advantages and characteristics of apple pomace dryer:

(1) The technology of fruit dregs dryer is advanced. It adopts high temperature and fast drying technology. It has high heat transfer coefficient, high thermal efficiency and high drying intensity.

(2) The technology of high-speed mixing drying combined with airflow drying can disperse the viscous materials, greatly increase the contact area between the materials and the thermal medium, and is conducive to the drying process.

(3) Pomace dryer adopts special scraper device to avoid the phenomenon of material sticking to the wall.

(4) The pomace dryer has the advantages of wide adaptability, simple operation, small maintenance and stable product quality.

(5) Apple Pomace dryer is specially designed for drying dregs. It has variable rotating blade angle and adjustable rotating speed.

(6) The upper part of the apple pomace dryer is equipped with a wet material reflux layer, and the air dryer is equipped with a special mixer.

(7) The head of the pomace dryer is equipped with a breaking device suitable for high-humidity and high-viscous materials, which can quickly disperse wet materials at high temperature, avoid agglomeration and improve heat transfer efficiency.

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