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Powder Bagging Machine Installation

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Powder Bagging Machine Installation:

1- The Powder Bagging machine should be fixed on the foundation without strong vibration, the power supply should be 380 Volts (3 phase), 50HZ.

The top feed inlet center should aligning to the top hopper center.

Y Type single nozzle top feed inlet size please refer to Picture 3, 

Y Type single nozzle top feed inlet size please refer to Picture 4.

Adjustment Methods: Loosen the screw of the spring (6), adjust the top and bottom position, move the bag packing frame (2) to make the center line of the powder outlet mouth and the powder outlet base aligning, and reduce the powder discharging resistance. Move the hanging ASSY front and rear to make the distance between powder outlet mouth and powder outlet pipe to be 40-50mm. Adjust the beam(7) position of the hanging ASSY (2), make the four pieces of spring horizontal and parallel. After adjustment, finally fix the screws well.

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2- Bagging Device Adjustment: (Picture 6)

Adjust the engage position of the lock pin (11) and Lock wheel(4) to make the engage depth to be 4mm; If on place of the lock wheel is abraded, then turn around it or turnover it to use it again.

The wheel (5) of the Bag Press Machine (8) is used to press the bag tightly, by adjust the bag press machine’s frame’s top and bottom position to make the bag press machine in a suitable dip angle, make sure the surface of the wheel(5) and the powder outlet mouth(6) not only can stuck the bag well, but also the bag can fall down smoothly. Make the distance between the screw (10) of bag press machine and the top block (9) to be 3-5mm, make the bag press machine in the right position, when the powder outlet mouth (6) swing down, bag press machine (8) do not also swing down, thus after the bag fall down automatically, the powder outlet mouth will reset quickly under the function of spring(3).

3- Adjustment of the Automatical Bag Falling Device:

Adjust the lock pin base (2) and Bag loosen hook (1), to make the distance to be 1mm when start the packing machine. Adjust the engage depth of the lock pin(4) and lock wheel(5) to be 4mm, adjust the distance of the bag tension frame (6) and the powder outlet mouth(7).

Powder Bagging machine , Bag filling machine, powder packing machine

Single Nozzle Powder Bagging Machine Shape and Installation Dimension:

Bag Filling Machine, Powder Bagging Machine, Powder Filling Machine, Powder Packing Machine

If you are interested in more information of the powder bagging machine, please do not hesitate to inquire us at email: suncomachinery@hotmail.com .

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