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Test Run of Powder Bagging Machine

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Test Run of Powder Bagging Machine:

1- Powder Outlet Pipe Position’s Adjustment of Powder Bagging Machine : 

Adjustment Request: The center line of the Powder outlet base and powder outlet mouth should be coincide, reduce the resistance, the front and rear distance should be about 40-50mm, the spring should be horizontal.
2- Weigher Adjustment of Powder Bagging Machine:
Before using the packing machine to pack powder into bag, must do the work of weigher adjustment .
In order to make sure the weigher adjustment’s accurancy, must 30 minutes after the packing machine has been connected to the power supply, then begin the weigher adjustment process.
The weigher adjustment process is as follows:
Press down “F1” Button, the setting screen will show “JC-1”,  then clear up all the materials on the weigher, and make sure the weigher is not influenced by the external force. Then press down the “F1” again, the setting screen will show “JC-2”, and then the bag weight screen’s   instantaneous weight will get rid of the tare weight automatically, then add the weight indication (>= bag weight) , waiting until the “稳定” button indicator light is lighting, then press down the “F1” button again,the setting screen will show “JC-3”, the bag weight screen’s instantaneous weight will be locked, firstly the cursor is flashing, and it will show that the weight value is consistent.  Then finally press down the “F1” Button again, the setting screen will return back the condition before the weigher adjustment, and it means that we have left the weigher adjustment process. Get rid of the weight, and the bag weight should be shown “000.00”.
If it is the first time of weigher adjustment, please use the weight or actual object to inspect the weigher body, if there is error, and then begin the second time weigher adjustment to make the weigher accurate.
Operation Process:
Check the rotation direction of the motor, the motor rotation direction should be clockwise.
Press down “置零” Button, zero clearing the instantaneous weight.
Press down “清零” Button, zero clearing the the accumulative bag number.  
Open the air valve switch slowly on the both sides of packing machine until there is air going out of the powder outlet mouth, and the air flow should not be too big.

(3) When the above conditions are provided well, then we can use the packing machine to pack the powder into bag, put the bag onto the powder outlet mouth, open the motor, pree the travel switch one time, then the packing machine begin packing process.

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3. The factors that influence the bag weight percent of pass of Powder Bagging Machine:
1- Human Factor: The worker do not operate the packing machine according to the operation manual rightly, touch the weigher frame during work, or take off the bag ahead of time in order to have a higher capacity.
2- Process Factor: The hopper pressure is not stable, cause the powder floor not stable, and then influence the pass percentage of bag weight.
3- Packing machine technical status factor: The pack machine should keep good work performance. After close the valve there should not be the powder leaking or the working device not working flexible, for example, the electromagnet is damaged, the switch is damaged, etc .
4- Microcomputer control system factor: During daily work, please protect the microcomputer control system carefully, often check the digital display, if there are problems, please solve it timely, If there is electromagnetic interference, please make sure the wire ground connection.
VIII   Attention to use the microcomputer automatical control weighing system:
1- Often check the weigher frame’s flexibility, keep the weigher frame vertical, the interval of all sides are same, should not have the brush, support, stuck, etc.
2- When the microcomputer system is connected to the electricity, or the bag is falling down, the microcomputer system has the function of automatical zero clearing and get rid of tare weight, so please do not touch the weigher frame, and also please do not put other things on the weigher frame.
3- When the weight of the bag is near 50kg, please do not touch the bag and weigher frame.
4- When there is no bag packed by the packing machine, if the microcomputer system digital number is very different from 0, you can press the tare weight zero clearing button , to make sure the accurancy of the weighing.
5- Often check the fixed points to see if it is fixed well.
6- Often check the working device to see if it is flexible enough, and solve the problem timely. The interval of Stuck hook and stuck block should be reasonable, if the abrasion is high, then change the new one.
7- The spring for fixing the weigher frame should be in horizontal level in order to eliminate the assembly stress of the sensor, the screw for fix the sensor should be fixed tightly, otherwise it will influence the accurancy of the Powder Bagging Machine's sensor. 

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