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Structure of Horizontal Powder Mixer Machine

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Horizontal Powder Mixer Machine is the key dry powder mixing machine for the dry mix mortar production. 

In the Horizontal Powder Mixer there is sprial band which is on the center shaft, and the motor makes the center shaft rotating, then the spiral band rotates also and make the powder moving along with the spiral direction of the spiral band. In this process, the powder is mixed sufficiently.

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Structure of Horizontal Powder Mixer Machine is as follows:

1. Horizontal type cylinder. Two layers of inner and outer spiral band has a unique structure, stable operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, and a variety of agitator structure, multifunctional mixing equipment widely used.

2. Quick mixing speed, mixing uniformity, especially viscous, spiral band can be installed with the scraper which is more suitable for thick, paste mixture.

3. Under the requirements of different materials mixed (special materials must be mixed after cleaning), the use of different spiral band structure, heating, drying of the clamp type.

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