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Soap Stone Meshing Plant

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Soap Stone Meshing Plant also can be called Soap Stone Powder Making Plant. Soap stone mill can be used to make fine soap stone powder, and to be used in many field of chemical industry. Soap Stone Powder can be used in cosmetic, daily-use chemical industry, etc.

Then how to produce the soap stone powder ? 

Here we will need to use the machines such as small rock crusher, raymond mill, etc.

Then what is the soap stone meshing plant / powder making plant ?

Soap Stone Meshing Plant, Soap Stone Powder Making Plant, Raymond Mill

Soap stone meshing plant / powder making plant mainly includes the machines as below:

1- Small rock crusher: to be used to crush the soap stone into smaller size in advance.

2- Bucket elevator: To be used to send the crushed soap stone into the hopper.

3- Vibrating feeder : to be used to send the crushed soap stone into Raymond Mill evenly.

4- Raymond mill: to be used to grind the soap stone into fine soap stone powder. Raymond mill system includes mainframe, powder classifier, draft fan, air duct, dust catching system, etc.

5- Powder Bagging Machine is to be used to pack the soap stone into bag.

6- Electric control box is used to control all the motors in the soap stone meshing plant/ powder making plant. 

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