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Rotary Drum Dryer for drying Iron concentrate

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Rotary Drum Dryer can be used for drying Iron concentrate, and the iron concentrate drying system mainly includes rotary drum dryer, belt conveyor, hot air furnace, draft fan, electric control panel, etc.

Rotary Drum Dryer for drying Iron concentrate, rotary drum dryer

Below Sunco Machinery explain the work flow of the Rotary Drum Dryer for drying Iron concentrate:

1- Iron concentrate moving route:

Iron concentrate --> Belt Conveyor --> Triple Pass Rotary Drum Dryer ( The Iron concentrate pass through the drum three times, and come to the high temperature zone two times.) --> Come out of the Triple Pass Rotary Drum Dryer --> Belt Conveyor --> Storage room or truck.

2- Hot Air Moving Route:
Coal --> Hot Air Furnace --> Hot Air --> goes into triple pass rotary dryer --> Heat the iron concentrate, evaporate the humidity into water vapor -->
Cyclone dust separator --> Goes through the high pressure draft fan --> Off Gas Cleaning System --> Goes into atmosphere .

3- Dust was separated from the off gas in the cyclone dust separator, fall down and come out through the bottom outlet of the cyclone dust separator. 

4- Off Gas Cleaning System consist of Off Gas Cleaning Tower, Water Pipe, Pump, recycling water pool.  The customer build the Recycling water pool at the work site. 

If you are interested in Rotary Drum Dryer for drying Iron concentrate, please feel free to contact us at:suncomachinery@hotmail.com 

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