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Usage of Rotary Dryer

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Usage of rotary dryer is to dry different kinds of wet materials with low cost, and Sunco Machinery Rotary dryer machine mainly are designed to dry wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, sand, slag, chicken manure, alfalfa, cassava dregs, cassava chips, vinasse, etc.

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Rotary Dryer System mainly consist of:

--- Screw Conveyor or Belt Conveyor: To send the wet material into the rotary dryers. 

--- Hot Air Furnace: To burn the fuel, and supply the hot air fot the rotary drum dryer.

--- Rotary Drum Dryer: To supply the drying chamber for the material, and make the hot air heat the material sufficiently.

--- Cyclone Dust Separator: To separate the dust from the exhaust air.

--- High Pressure Draft Fan: To make the hot air into the rotary dryer, and make the exhaust air out of the rotary drum dryer in time.

--- Belt Conveyor: To take the dried material out of the dryer.

--- Electric Control Panel: To be used to control all the machines in the rotary dryer system.

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