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Installation and Commissioning of Rotary Drum Dryer

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Installation and Commissioning of Rotary Drum Dryer:

1. According to the actual situation of the work site, use the bolts to connect the 2 parts of the dryer drum by connection flanges. At the work site, use the crane to put the dryer machine stably on the foundation finished in advance, and after the level correction, the big supporting frame of the dryer drum needs to be welded well with the embedded iron(Refer to the foundation drawing). 

 Rotary Drum Dryer, drum dryer machine, Rotary Drum Drying Machine

Caution: After you fix well the dryer machine on the foundation, and before you run the rotary dryer machine, you please must cut off the above steel supports in advance !!!

2.The position of the hot air furnace should be according to the position of the rotary dryer drum mainframe, the hot air furnace’s fire outlet hole should be put into the dryer drum’s fire inlet hole about 5cm, and then use the fire clay to seal the connection zone. 

3.Inlet feeder is installed on the inlet cover by using connection bolts. Outlet Feeder is installed on the bottom of the cyclone separator by using connection bolts.

4. Rotary Drum Dryer mainframe transmission frame should be adjusted well with the big gear, and after that weld it with the embedded iron(or use Expansion bolts to fix it on the bottom plate). After all the adjustment is finished well, and the concrete freezing well, then to check if all the fastening pieces are solid or not. Before the commissioning, all the transmission parts should add enough lubrication oil or grease.!!!

5.The installation technician should make the commissioning of the dryer drum without loading wet material, and the commissioning time should be not less than 20 minutes. According to the diameter of the dryer drum, the rotation speed of the dryer drum is within 6 rpm.

6.Test Production: Light the fuel inside the hot air furnace, start the draft fan and outlet feeder, and the dry hot air goes into the dryer drum to heat the drum in advance about 10-20 minutes, then start the dryer machine, then start the inlet feeder, then start the input belt conveyor, to let few wet material go into the dryer drum.(The feeding quantity of the wet material should be adjusted according to the dried material situation.) Adjust the rotation speed of the dryer drum to the suitable point.

 Rotary Drum Dryer, drum dryer machine, Rotary Drum Drying Machine

7.Stop the rotary Dryer Machine: 20 minutes before stopping the dryer drum, firstly stop to feed the fuel into the hot air furnace, then according to the temperature decrease situation of the hot air furnace, reduce the wet material input quantity slowly up to stop the wet material input, then stop the inlet belt conveyor and inlet feeder. After all the material come out of the outlet feeder, then stop the outlet feeder. After the dryer drum cool down and the temperature sensor at the inlet cover is less than 50 centigrade, then stop the draft fan and dryer. Then the production process is stopped.

8.Before the operation, all the transmission parts should add enough lubrication oil or grease!!!

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