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Rotary Cylinder Dryer Machine

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Rotary Cylinder Dryer Machine is widely used for drying many kinds of different material such as river sand, slag, wood shavings, wood chips, sawdust, chicken manure, slag, fly ash, etc.

Rotary Cylinder Dryer Machine, Rotary Dryer, rotary drum dryer

Rotary Cylinder Dryer Machine also is popularly kown as rotary dryer, rotary drum dryer, rotary dring machine which is called workhorse in the industrial drying field.

Rotary Cylinder Dryer Machine, Rotary Dryer, rotary drum dryer

Sunco Machinery designs and fabricates rotary dryers for a wide variety of applications requiring drying of solids like powders, granular materials, and foods. Sunco Machinery rotary cylinder dryers have been proven to withstand the rigors of use while minimizing maintenance downtime. Whether you are looking for a standalone rotary dryer machine or require a complete thermal processing system, Sunco Machinery has the expertise, engineers, designers, and skilled craftsmen to fabricate the rotary drum dryer machine to meet your processing requirements.

Sunco Machinery build rotary drum dryers from carbon steel, stainless steel, and specialty alloys with throughputs from 10 lb/hr to 100 tons/hr or more.

Sunco Machinery build counter-current or co-current direct-fired rotary dryers as well as indirect-fired rotary dryers based on your material properties and processing demands.

Air Handling/ Emissions Control Systems Available:

  • Scrubbers
  • Baghouses
  • Cyclones
  • Combination of the Above

Typical Materials Dried in an Sunco Machinery Rotary Dryer

  • Fertilizers
  • Aggregates
  • Biomass - Wood Chips, Energy Crops, and Other Materials
  • Minerals - Sands, Clays, and Other Minerals
  • Sewage Sludge
  • Animal Feeds - Cereal Grains, High Protein, Wastes, and By-Products
    Foods - Cereals, Fruits and Vegetables, Starches, and more
    Plastics - Pellets, Resin, PET, Waste
  • Powders

Multiple Function Rotary Dryers

  • Want to do more than just dry? Sunco Machinery can builds rotary cylinder dryers capable of multiple functions in a single rotary drum.

Typical Multiple Functions in Rotary Drum Dryer:

  • Granulation
  • Classifying
  • Coating
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning/Drying/Classifying
  • Granulation/Drying/Classifying

Features of the Rotary Cylinder Drying Machine:

  • Robust construction with various lifter options
  • Can be co-current or counter-current 
  • Permits use of higher drying temperatures
  • Relatively long residence time
  • Drum provides dispersion as material is conveyed along the length

Rotary Cylinder Dryer Machine, Rotary Dryer, rotary drum dryer

The rotary cylinder dryer seems very simple, but in fact it is one whole drying system, and the drying system should be designed according to:

  • The features of raw material, for example the wet sand has surface water which is easier to be dried, but the wood chips has inner water which is more difficult to be dried. 
  • Initial moisture content(%) of the wet material. 
  • Output moisture content(%) the dried material needed.  
  • Bulk density (kg per cubic meter) of the wet material. 
  • Input capacity (ton per hour). 
  • Output capacity(ton per hour).  
  • Fuel Choice such as coal, waste wood, natural gas, diesel, etc. 
  • End use of the dried product.

When the above information are clear, then Sunco Machinery engineers can calculate and design the suitable and reasonable rotary dryer system for the customers accordingly. 

For more details of rotary cylinder dryer Machine, please feel free to contact us:

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