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The types and application of lifting plates of Rotary drum drying Machine

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When it comes to rotary dryer machine, it is necessary to mention the main part of the dryer - lifting plate. In order to accelerate the uniform distribution of materials on the section of the rotary drum of the dryer machine and make good contact with the drying medium / material, the lifting plate is installed in the cylinder of the dryer to transform the lifting plate of the dryer, which can improve the drying quality and the heat exchanging efficiency of the rotary drum dryer.

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There are several kinds of lifting boards / plates, which are commonly used as follows:
1. Lifting type lifting board: It is suitable for bulk materials or materials easily bonded to the wall of dryer barrel.
2. The sleeve type lifting plate is the lifting plate of the rotary drum dryer with compound heat transfer (or half-diameter heating).
3. Cross-shaped or frame-shaped lifting board: It is suitable for small pieces of materials which are brittle and easy to disperse, so that the materials can be evenly distributed across the whole section of the dryer barrel.
4. The fan-shaped lifting plate is suitable for materials with very fine particles and easy to cause powder flying. Material is accumulated on the grid as soon as it is fed. When the drying equipment cylinder rotates, the material is turned over and contacted with hot gas continuously. At the same time, the possibility of the drying material being taken away by gas is reduced due to the decrease of the falling height of the material.
5. Four-Format Lifting Plate: Suitable for high density, non-brittle or non-dispersible materials. The lifting plate divides the cylinder into four compartments and presents an incompatible fan-shaped workshop. The contact surface between material and hot gas is larger than that of the lifting lifting plate, and it can also increase the filling rate of material in the drying equipment cylinder, reduce the height of material falling and reduce the loss of dust.
All kinds of lifting boards can be distributed in the whole cylinder of the rotary dryer. In order to make the materials quickly and evenly delivered to the lifting board, spiral guide boards can be installed at the feeding end of 1-5 m to avoid the bonding and accumulation of wet materials on the cylinder wall of the dryer. At the same time, the material after drying can be easily lifted and taken away by the exhaust gas, and no lifting board is installed at the discharge end of 1-2m.

If you are in need of rotary drum dryer machine, please supply more information as follows:

01. What is the raw material needed to be dried ?

02. What is the features of the raw material ?

03. What is the initial moisture content (%) of the wet material ?

04. What is the output moisture content (%) of the dry material needed ?

05. How many kg wet material do you need use the rotary dryers to dry per hour ?

06. Regarding to the heat source, what kind of fuel will you prefer to use such as coal, waste wood, natural gas, diesel, etc ?

07. Any other special requirementss if have ?

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