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How to operate the rotary dryer machine to dry wet material rightly ?

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Rotary Dryer Machine is a large-scale rotary drying equipment, which can achieve ideal drying effect for various materials and meet the drying needs of customers.

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The rotary drum dryer will have some problems in the use process, which is normal, because all the equipment will have some problems more or less in operation, but through reasonable treatment methods, these problems can be solved to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
To do a good job in the daily maintenance of the drum dryer machine, it can improve the efficiency and output of rotary dryer equipment, extend the use time of equipment, and create greater profits for drum dryer users.
Because of the problems such as malfunction in the operation of the rotary dryer, it is necessary to stop the dryer machine immediately for inspection, otherwise it will cause greater harm.
When the bearing heating of each part of the equipment exceeds 60 centigrade, the reducer and the motor have abnormal vibration, noise and heating, it is necessary to stop the dryer machine immediately for inspection and maintenance.
When the conveyor fails to feeding material into the rotary drying machine, and the dryer cylinder vibrates seriously, it is necessary to stop immediately for inspection and maintenance.
In the process of operation, the drum drier can run continuously within half an hour of material breakage, reduce heat input, control hot air temperature, stop hot air supply and shut down for inspection and maintenance after more than half an hour.
Reasonable operation of the rotary dryer can not only make the dryer achieve the desired drying effect of users, but also improve the drying efficiency and prolong the service life.

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