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How to select the suitable fuel such as coal or natural gas for the Rotary dryer system ?

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The drying work of rotary dryer equipment is inseparable from heat source, which can be divided into several kinds. But generally speaking, only two kinds of coal and natural gas are commonly used.

Since heat source is indispensable, we will face the problem of choosing heat source. Which kind of heat source should we choose? We can not follow others to choose the same heat source as others, nor can we choose hearsay.
One is coal, which is widely used and plays an important role in the field of rotary dryers. The other is natural gas. Although natural gas has the advantages of high heat, stability and no smoke pollution, it is mostly used in natural gas-rich provinces and municipalities.

Which of the two heat sources is better for the rotary dryer machine ? Let's have a detailed understanding of the following:
Coal is one of the earliest minerals discovered by human beings, and it is also a widely used heat source to dry materials. The state requires that the calorific capacity of standard coal be 7000 calories per kilogram. Now the price of normal coal is about 1200 RMB, and the price of one kilogram of coal is about 1.2 RMB.
Natural gas is a multi-component mixed gaseous fossil fuel, the main component is alkanes, of which methane accounts for the vast majority, and a small amount of ethane, propane and butane. At present, the price of natural gas varies according to the region, but it remains at 2.5 rmb/cubic meter, while the calorific value of natural gas is 8000 ka/cubic meter.

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Based on the above data, we can compare them. The price of a ton of standard coal is 1200 RMB, which can produce 7000 * 1000 = 7000000, or 7 million calories. Similarly, if you buy natural gas for 1200 RMB, you can get 1200/ 2.5 = 480 cubic meters of natural gas, and 480 cubic meters of natural gas can produce 480 *8000 = 3840 000 calories. In contrast, coal at the same price can produce higher heat, so it can be seen that using coal as a heat source will save more money. But coal produces smoke and dust in the combustion process, which is controlled by environmental protection procedures. Natural gas burns without waste residue and waste water. Compared with coal, oil and other energy sources, it has the advantages of safety, high calorific value and cleanliness.
Therefore, whether to use coal or natural gas is not a single issue, and the economy is easy to obtain. The selected heat source should also be suitable for local conditions, considering not only the cost of various heat sources, but also the easy availability. Safety and reliability. So we still need to decide which heat source to choose for the rotary dryer according to our specific needs.

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