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Some Common Problems and Solutions of Rotary Dryers

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Some Common Problems and Solutions of Rotary Dryers:

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1. The reasons for the high noise of the dryer are: uneven placement of the workpiece; unstable installation of the dryer; oil loss or damage of the bearing; loosening of the fixed bolt of the bearing seat;
   Solutions: stop the machine and place the workpiece evenly; re-install the smooth dryer; re-fix the fixed bolt of the bearing seat; replace the bearing of the drum dryer;
2. The two retaining wheels are subjected to repeated loads. This phenomenon should check the contact between the supporting wheel and the supporting wheel. If the same group of supporting wheels are not parallel or the connection of the two supporting wheels is not vertical to the axis of the cylinder, the force on the retaining wheels will be too large, and the abnormal wear and tear of the supporting wheels will also be caused.
   Solution: This phenomenon is often caused by low installation accuracy or loose bolts, and the supporting wheel deviates from the correct position in the work. This phenomenon can disappear as long as the supporting wheel is restored to the correct position.
3. The big and small gears make abnormal sounds in operation.
    Solution: Sometimes the meshing clearance between the big and small gears should be checked. If the adjustment is appropriate, the gear will return to normal. If the wear of the pinion is serious, it should be replaced in time. The key to prolong the service life of gears is to seal well, prevent dust from entering, sufficient lubricating oil and reliable lubrication. Thick gear oil or black oil should be added to the big gear cover.
4. The water content of the discharged material is too low. At this time, the fuel consumption should be reduced or the feed quantity should be increased at the same time.
    Solution: This operation should be gradually adjusted to an appropriate state. Large-scale adjustment will cause the discharging water content to rise or fall, which can not meet the product quality requirements.
5. Reasons for drying raw materials at one time: the dryer is too small; the calculation of air pressure and flow rate of air network is wrong; the dryer is not used properly;
   Solution: Increase the drying temperature of drum dryer, but this method can easily cause fire in the dryer. The better way is to replace or modify the drying equipment. The manufacturer is required to recalculate the air pressure and flow, and then provide the design change plan according to the actual situation.

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