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China rotary dryer machine Manufacturer

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Sunco Machinery is one professional China manufacturer of rotary dryer machine. Sunco Machinery can design and supply the rotary dryers according to the customers' actual situation as follows:

01. What is the raw material needed to be dried ?

02. What is the features of the raw material ?

03. What is the initial moisture content (%) of the wet material ?

04. What is the output moisture content (%) of the dry material needed ?

05. How many kg wet material do you need use the rotary dryers to dry per hour ?

06. Regarding to the heat source, what kind of fuel will you prefer to use such as coal, waste wood, natural gas, diesel, etc ?

07. Any other special requirementss if have ?

China rotary dryer machine Manufacturer, rotary drum dryer

Rotary Dryers are known for their robust construction. Rotary dryers machine are able achieve to very high temperature. Sunco Machinery offers wide range of Rotary Drum Dryers that are designed to deliver best output, efficiently.

Rotary Dryers are one of the widely used Dryer in process industry. Especially in fertilizer and minerals industry for drying products such as coal, clay, gypsum, kaolin, limestone, mineral sand, potash, silica sand, chicken manure, wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, etc.

Rotary Dryers from Sunco Machinery provide controlled, uniform and efficient drying to help you achieve desired product quality. With a specialized design and sturdy construction our Rotary drying machines are able to provide excellent thermal efficiency.

China rotary dryer machine Manufacturer, rotary drum dryer

Rotary Dryers consist of cylindrical shell supported by riding rings to provide circular motion. These rotary dryers come with lifter or flights on its inner circumference to lift and distribute material. These lifter also facilitates material movement towards final discharge point. Rotary dryers are always aligned on slight slope to facilitate movement of material from feeding point to discharge point under gravity.

Sunco stringent quality standards and detailed CFD analysis ensures a consistent and enduring performance.

FEATURES of Rotary Dryers :
Handles a wide size range of materials with extended residence time Energy efficient drying process Tested and Analyzed for performance.

BENEFITS of Rotary Dryers :
Ideal for continuous type of operation Good thermal efficiency with uniform drying Efficient drying of materials with high moisture contents Design permits highest possible drying temperatures.

China rotary dryer machine Manufacturer, rotary drum dryer

Sunco Machinery delivers guaranteed results for your Business, Process reliability and system performance. 

For more detail of Rotary drum dryer machine, the contact information of Sunco Machinery is as follows:

--- Email: suncomachinery@hotmail.com

--- WhatsApp/Tel: +86-158 3821 4261

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