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Direct Fired Rotary Dryers

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Direct Fired Rotary Dryers by Sunco Machinery is ideal for drying the material such as sand, chicken manure, wood sawdust, wood chips, etc.

Direct Fired Rotary Dryers:

A directly heated rotary dryer from Thermal Processing Solutions can be coal, waste wood, natural gas or oil fired, or hot air utilizing a heat exchanger or heating elements fired in a parallel flow or counter flow arrangement.

Direct Fired Rotary Dryers, rotary dryers, drum drying machine

Utilization of a heat exchanger allows the use of a dry gas such as air or nitrogen as the heat transfer media. In a direct fired rotary dryer, heat transfer rate and process atmosphere composition/volume are dependent, therefore consideration must be given to the compatibility of the process material with the drying gas composition as well as the gas velocity. The direct heated dryer is subject to limited temperature profiling due to the single point source of heat.

Direct Fired Rotary Dryers, rotary dryers, drum drying machine

Direct fired rotary dryers are suited to applications requiring:

--- Processes requiring limited control of the process gas composition.

--- Oxidizing, slightly reducing, and high humidity gas compositions possible.

--- Processes that require limited isolation

--- Processes with reaction kinetics improved by solid/solid or solid/gas contact

--- Materials that are conduction heat transfer limited, and benefit from the dynamic exposure to a radiant heat source

--- Processes requiring gentle heating

--- Processes that require a volatile component to be thermally stripped from a substrate

--- Materials that will tolerate a temperature profile limited by a single heat source

--- Materials not sensitive to entrainment. Sufficiently coarse particle size distribution or high specific gravity to tolerate the process gas sweeping velocity.

Sunco Machinery delivers guaranteed results of rotary dryers for your Business, Process reliability and system performance.  For more detail of Direct Fired Rotary Dryers, the contact information of Sunco Machinery is as follows:

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