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Application of rotary dryer

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Application of rotary dryer:

Rotary dryer is the most commonly used drying equipment among mining equipment, which is widely used to dry slag, limestone, coal, clay, grain, compound fertilizer, etc., in mining industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, building materials, compound fertilizer production and cement industry.

Application of rotary dryer, rotary drum dryer, rotary dryers

Rotary dryer has many names in the industry, which is often referred to as the rotary drum dryer and rotary dryer machine. It is suitable for drying metallic and non-metallic minerals, the magnetic, heavy and floating concentrate, clay of cement industry as well as coal slime in coal industry.

Rotary dryer machine can display the temperature on feeding /end site by thermometer, providing basis for controlling cylinder temperature (350-380 degrees) . Reasonable selection parameters of drying machine, its coal consumption and electricity consumption is less 10-15% than generally drier at least , yield rises over 10-15%, has been widely used in cement and mineral processing enterprise.

Application of rotary dryer, rotary drum dryer, rotary dryers

Because the different materials have high requirement on the dryer texture , the rotary dryer’s lifter can choose different texture depend on the the different material properties, such as stainless steel, high manganese steel etc!

Rotary Drying machine roller made of 45 Cr material and roller adopt 35 CrMo material. It is wear-resistant practical! To the greatest extent to reduce the degree of replacement of wearing parts of the equipment, it brings great benefits to customers later equipment repair and production operation!

Application of rotary dryer, rotary drum dryer, rotary dryers

Advantages of Rotary dryer machine:

1. Adopt gas generator, electric gas and combustor as heat source and supporting equipment has conveyor, hoister, dust removing device, and feeder. Rotary dryer is made up of feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, wind tunnel and reduction box and etc.

2. Rotary dryer is used widely in various industries, and the color and shape of final product is very good. When the dryer is working, it keeps smooth and can dry material very fast, which obtains higher revenue.

3. The rotary dryer can control the temperature of barrel, and we can install thermometer at the feeding part, so that we can control the temperature of materials.  

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