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Small Drum Dryer for Drying Sand

Time:2016年07月28日      Hits:

Sunco Machinery can design and supply the suitable Small Drum Dryer for Drying Sand according to the customers' actual situation.

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In order to design and supply the most suitable Small Sand Drum Dryer, the customers please help to supply more inforamtion at least as follows:

1. What is the initial moisture content (%) of the wet sand ?

2. What is the output moisture content (%)of the dried sand needed ?
3. How many tons Wet sand do you need the sand rotary drum dryer to dry per hour ?

4. Regarding to the heat source, what kind of fuel will you prefer to use such as Natural Gas, Diesel, etc ?

If the customers have other special demand on the Small Sand Dryer Machine, also can tell Sunco Machinery engineers, and here we will calcualte and prepare the design of small sand drying plant accordingly.

If you are interested to have one small sand drying plant, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Email: suncomachinery@hotmail.com


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