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Rotary Sand Dryer For drying Frac Sand

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Frac sand drying may seem like a simple task, but there is much more factors needed to be considered. When it comes to frac sand drying, there are a lot of factors to consider throughout the processing of the proppant sand that will dictate the design of the rotary sand dryer used.

Frac sand by nature, is a very fine material, carrying its moisture on the surface of the granule. In addition to this, it is very heavy, and abrasive. These qualities make the silica sand ideal as a proppant sand, but make processing it an engineered task. Things like heat transfer, percent moisture, specific heat, bulk density, atmospheric conditions, among others, all need to be considered when designing a rotary sand dryer for drying frac sand. Many companies can manufacture rotary sand dryer, but no one can build them like Sunco Machinery.

Sunco Machinery has been an industry expert in the production of high quality, efficient rotary sand dryer since 1998. With rotary sand dryer in use around the world in various industries, Sunco Machinery’s custom designed rotary dryers have become known for their high quality craftsmanship, efficient operation, and superior engineered design, and have proven themselves to be the workhorse of the industry, time after time.

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Rotary Sand dryer can be a costly expense, not only in initial investment, but also in operational costs. Sunco Machinery rotary sand dryer are designed with efficiency in mind, to maximize throughput, while keeping required BTU’s to a minimum.

While frac sand drying may be a daunting task, Sunco Machinery’s high-quality, efficient rotary sand dryer make it easy. 

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