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Rotary Sand Dryer for drying wet sand moisture up to 10%

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Rotary Sand Dryer by Sunco Machinery can be used for drying wet sand moisture up to 10%, and the capacity can be from 1 ton per hour to 100 ton per hour.

Rotary sand dryer is the key sand drying machine for the sand drying plant. Sand Drying Plant usually consists of Mechanical feeding hopper, belt conveyor, rotary sand dryer, output belt conveyor, draft fan, air duct, cyclone dust separator, electric control panel, etc.

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The customer can select the most economical fuel such as coal, natural gas, diesel, etc according to the actual situation. 

Sunco Machinery Rotary sand dryer has the features as follows:

--- New type rotary drum dryer, the flights structure in the cylinder of sand dryer is more advanced  ;

--- Inner temperature is 450℃-700℃, discharging temperature <= 60 ℃, can send into storage room directly, and no need cool device;

--- Made of wear resistant manganese plate, 3 to 4 times more hardwearing than ordinary steel plate ;

--- 1/3 of the traditional drum dryer's fuel consumption,  electricity power saving 40%.

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