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Rotary Sand Drying Machine

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Sunco Machinery can design and supply the Rotary Sand Drying Machine for drying masonry sand, river sand, silica sand, etc with capacity from 1 ton per hour - 100 ton per hour.

Rotary Sand Drying Machine is the key sand drying equipment for the sand drying line. Rotary Sand Drying Machine consists of inlet cover, outlet cover, black rubber sealing, Ring, Gear, Reduction gear box, motor, support frame, cylinder, etc.

Rotary Sand Drying Machine, rotary sand dryer, sand dryer, sand dryer machine

The reasonable inner structure of Rotary Sand Drying Machine is very important for have the good work performance and capacity. 

On the inner wall of the sand dryer, there are many special designed welded liftling plates which help to make the sand as disperse as possible, so that there is more heat excahnging area between the hot air and the hot air, finally have higher heat efficiency, and less fuel consumption.

According to the feeding quantity of wet sand and the water quantity needed to be got rid of, then need to calculate and supply the suitable diameter and length of the sand dryer drum, and also decide the needed air volume of the draft fan.

Sand Drying line work flow is as follows:

Rotary Sand Drying Machine, rotary sand dryer, sand dryer, sand dryer machine

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