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Dust Removal System for Sand Dryer

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Regarding to the dust removal system for the sand dryer system, what is better choice for Impulsed bag filter or Water Dust Removal Tower ?

Although for the sand drying system,  usually there is cyclone dust separator, after being processed by the cyclone dust separator, still there is some fine dust mixed with exhaust air, and goes into atmosphere which will pollute the environment.

Thus to collect the rest dust also is very necessary.

In the market, usually the impulsed bag filter can be used to collet the dry fine powder.

If here we use the impulse bag filter, it not only will increase the air resistance for the sand drying system, and as a result we have to use bigger draft fan. What is more, as there is much water vapor inside the exhaust air which will influence the lifetime of the filter bag significantly. As a result, impulse bag filter is not the best choice.

Sunco Machinery design one type of water dust removal tower which is more economical and reasonable for the dust collection of the sand drying plant.

Water Dust Removal System for Sand Dryer

The rest fine dust together with the exhaust air goes up into the water dust removal tower, and the water pump send the water into the top of the tower, and water fall down, then meet the exhaust air. The dust is collect by the water and fall down and finally flow into the settling pool, the clean exhaust air goes into the atmosphere. 

The advantage of the water dust removal tower is as follows:

01. It will not increase much the air resistance of the sand drying system, and not need to change too bigger draft fan;

02. It is very durable and in long term it can save much maintenance cost;

03. The water can be recycling.

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