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Work flow of Sand Drying Line

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Sand Drying Line mainly consists of Burner, hot air furnace, hopper, inlet belt conveyor, sand drying machine, outlet belt coveyor, cyclone dust separator, Induced draft fan, Air duct, chimney, electric control panel, etc.

The work flow of sand drying line is as follows:

Work flow of Sand Drying Line, sand dryer, sand drying machine

01- Burner and hot air furnace generate the high temperature air for the sand drying line;

02- Tractor shovel sends the wet sand into the hopper;

03- Hopper sends the wet sand into inlet belt conveyor;

04- Inlet belt conveyor send wet sand into the sand rotary dryer;

05- Sand Rotary Dryer use the high temerature air to heat and dry the wet sand sufficiently;

06- Outlet belt conveyor takes the dry sand out of the sand drying machine;

07- Cyclone dust separator is used to separate the fine dust from the exhaust air;

08- Water dust removal tower is used to collect the rest dust mixed with exhaust air again;

09- Induced draft fan make the high temperature air inside the sand drying machine, and makes the exhaust air out of the sand dryer in time;

10- Electric Control Panel is used to control all the above machines.

According to the customers' actual work site, we can adjust the layout of the sand drying line accordingly, so that it is compact and save the floor size.

Work flow of Sand Drying Line, sand dryer, sand drying machine

In order to make the installation of sand drying line easy for the customer, Sunco Machinery will produce well all the necessary parts of the sand drying line, and later the customer only need to install the sand drying line according to the technical drawing, and prepare some simple foundation accordingly.

If you are interested in sand drying line, please contact us by email to : suncomachinery@hotmail.com , and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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