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Water Dedusting Tower for sand dryer machine

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For the dust collection inside the exhaust air of sand drying system, what is the most suitable solution ?

As inside the exhaust air of the sand drying system, there is lots of water vapor. As the pulse bag filter is suitable for the dry exhaust air. Water Dedusting Tower for sand dryer machine is speically for get rid of the dust inside the exhaust air.

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Exhaust air with water vapor and little dust leaves the draft fan, and goes into Water Dedusting Tower, and moves up to the top of the tower.

Water pump sends water into the top of water dedusting tower, and then the spraying water falls down to the bottom of the tower.

During this process, little dust is collected by the spraying water, and flows into the settling pool.

After settlement, thus dust subsides onto the bottom of the pool, and the water flows into clean water pool.

Then the water is sent into the tower again by the water pump. 

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