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What is bulk density of Sand ?

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Bulk density of Sand depends on the particle density and the packing density of the sand. And, importantly, the compaction. 

And also the dryness. There are two measures of dryness which are often used. One is the Saturated Surface Dry condition. The other is Oven Dry. Noting that marginally drier than SSD appears “dry”. However with quartz sand, the difference is around 0.6%.

Here take construction sand as sample.

According to the different size range, construction sand can be divided into 3 types:

Fine Sand: 1.6–2.2mm

Medium Sand: 2.3–3.0mm

Coarse Sand: 3.1–3.7 mm

The loosen bulk density is about 1400–1800 kg/m3.

Thus the volume of 20 tons dry sand is about 11.1 - 14.3 cubic meter.

bulk density of Sand, sand dryer, sand drying machine

For different usage of sand, the needed sand size standard is different. For the wet sand, we can not use vibrating screen or sieve to classify it into different size range.

Then we have firstly use the suitable sand drying machine to heat and dry the wet sand, and reduce its moisture content to be less than 3% or as need. After that, to use vibrating screen to classify the dry sand into different size range for different usage purpose.

Then the suitable and reasonable sand rotary dryer machine will be necessary and indispensable so that not only can have good production capacity, but also can save fuel consumption.

Sunco Machinery is one professional manufacturer of rotary sand dryer. Our new invented special inner structure of the dryer cylinder not only can help the high temperature air to heat and dry the wet sand sufficiently, but also the heat exchanging efficiency is higher, the fuel consumption is less, the sand abrasion to the contacting steel parts are less, the sand dryer machine is more durable.

bulk density of Sand, sand dryer, sand drying machine

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