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Ways to Improve the Drying Efficiency of Sand Dryer

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By improving the drying efficiency of the sand dryer, it can increase the output capacity of the sand dryer, and also increase the economic benefits of users. 

So, what are the ways to improve the drying efficiency of sand dryer?

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Firstly, to ensure the moisture content of sand materials not too high. If the moisture content in wet sand is high, it will take longer time to absorb more heat to ensure the drying effect of sand, which will prolong the drying time of sand and reduce the drying efficiency. 

Therefore, proper dewatering treatment of sand with higher humidity will help to improve the drying efficiency of sand dryer. As it is surface water for the sand, before drying, just pile the wet sand in open air, much of the water will come out from the sand automatcially.

Secondly, the hot air temperature should be properly raised. The drying efficiency of sand dryer is directly related to the hot air temperature in the cylinder. When the amount of hot air in the drying cylinder is more and the temperature of hot air is higher, the sand will be heated more, the drying speed will be faster, and the work efficiency will inevitably be greatly improved. However, the adjustment of hot air volume and temperature of sand dryer should also be carried out within the allowable range, so as not to affect the quality of sand after drying.

Sand Dryer, sand rotary drum dryer, sand drying machine,

Thirdly, ensure the continuity of hot air entering the sand dryer. In order to improve the efficiency of sand dryer, it is necessary to ensure the continuity of hot air entering the sand dryer machine, and no intermittent phenomenon can occur. Because the drying of sand is realized by the heat exchange between material and high temperature flue gas. If the continuity of hot air is not stable, it will lead to uneven heat absorption during the drying of sand, which not only reduces the drying efficiency, but also affects the quality after drying.

In addition, the water vapor in the sand dryer should be discharged in time to avoid secondary pollution of materials. It will needs the suitable draft fan.

Finally, do a good job of sealing sand dryer. The good sealing property of sand dryer is an important factor to ensure the full utilization of heat and improve the utilization rate of heat energy resources. If the sealing work of sand dryer is not done well, it will lead to heat loss into the drum, resulting in insufficient heat in the drum, thereby reducing the efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, to do a good job of sealing sand dryer is also a necessary way to improve its sand drying efficiency.

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