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Difference between triple pass sand dryer and single drum sand dryer

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According to the different internal structure and drying process of the sand dryer, the sand dryer can be divided into single drum sand dryer and three-barrel sand dryer or triple pass sand dryer. 

So, what are the differences between these two types of rotary sand dryers ?

Firstly, as the name implies, a single drum sand dryer is a separate drum. When drying sand, because of the long drum, it will occupy a large area of land. The three-barrel sand dryer is composed of three concentric cylinders, which are reasonably combined according to certain parameters. Compared with the single-barrel dryer, the three-barrel (triple pass) sand dryer machine shortens two-thirds, greatly reduces the area occupied, and saves a lot of capital investment for users.

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Secondly, in the process of dehydration and drying of sand by single-barrel sand dryer, the sealing of equipment is not as good as that of three-barrel dryer, which results in more heat loss through the surface of the barrel, thus causing waste of heat resources, reducing thermal efficiency and increasing fuel input costs. The three-barrel sand dryer is made of three barrels nested with each other. The materials in the inner barrel and the middle barrel can receive the heat from the barrel, and at the same time, they can also receive the heat from other barrels, which reduces the possibility of heat loss through the barrel, greatly improves the thermal efficiency and raises the drying speed of sand. 

triple pass sand dryer machine

Thirdly, because of its simple structure, the single-barrel sand dryer produces relatively large amount of smoke and dust in the use process, which brings great troubles to the workers in the sand drying operation. The three-barrel sand dryer can make good use of the dust removal device and reduce the probability of dust spillover through reasonable improvement, thus effectively ensuring the cleanliness of the sand drying environment.

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Finally, because the technology of three-barrel sand dryer is more complex than that of single-barrel sand dryer, and the overall layout of the drying production line is more demanding, the investment of three-barrel sand dryer is higher than that of single-barrel sand dryer.

Therefore, when we choose the type of sand dryer machine, we should select the appropriate type of dryer according to different production needs and cost budgets, so as to truly achieve the production purpose of low cost and high efficiency.

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