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What factors will influence the work efficiency of sand dryer machine ?

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What factors will influence the work efficiency of sand dryer machine ?

01. Factor :The carrier roller position is changed.

     Faults:    Drum Front and Rear Movement

     Solution: Adjust the spacing of the two sets carrier roller work with same ring.

02.Factor :Not open in time and the material come in firstly, stop too early and many material is stuck inside.

     Faults:   Wind Closing Device Jammed.

     Solution: Before material comes in start the wind closing device in time, after all the material out then stop the wind closing device.

03. Factor :Wind Closing Device has Air leakage.

      Faults:  Much dust is mixed with the waste flue gas. 

      Solution: Find the air leakage position, and seal it well.

04. Factor :Wet material input quantity too much; Hot air temperature is not enough; Cold air goes into the dryer drum through the inlet hole and outlet hole.

     Faults: Dried Material moisture content too high

     Solution: Reduce the wet material input quantity properly; Add the natural gasl quantity properly; Seal well the inlet hole and outlet hole.

05. Factor:Wet Material Input Quantity too little, Hot air Temperature too high.

      Faults: Dried Material Moisture Content too low. 

      Solution: Add the wet material input quantity properly; Reduce the natural gas quantity properly.

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The daily maintenance and inpsection of sand dryer machine is absolutely necessary, only under good maintenance, the sand dryer system can have good work efficiency and performance, and then have high and stable output capacity of dry sand.

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