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Regulation of Air Volume of River Sand Dryer Machine

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In fact, the quality of river sand dryer has a great relationship with the reasonable regulation of air volume of river sand dryer. Many customers can not understand why. Here is a detailed introduction from Sunco Machinery.

The working principle of air volume regulation of industrial sand dryer is that when the fan of industrial sand dryer machine works in the wind network, its actual air volume is equal to the air flow in the wind network, and the pressure is equal to the resistance of the wind network. The performance curve of the fan describes the variation of the flow rate and pressure of the fan. However, the point at which the fan works on the curve in the wind network can only be determined if it is connected with the characteristics of the wind network. The characteristics of wind Network refer to the relationship between resistance and flow rate of wind network.

In sand drying process, the working condition of industrial sand dryer draft fan needs to be adjusted according to production requirements, that is, to change the position of the working point of the draft fan, so that the output air volume of the draft fan can be balanced with the actual air volume required. There are two main ways to regulate it.

(1) Throttle regulation installs air valve in exhaust pipe of industrial sand dryer draft fan. According to the actual needs, air volume can be adjusted by changing the opening of air valve (damper), that is, changing the characteristics of pipeline.

(2) The method of adjusting the working condition by changing the impeller rotation speed of the industrial sand dryer draft fan is more economical without additional energy loss as far as the draft fan itself is concerned. But in order to change the rotation speed of the draft fan, it is necessary to use the frequency conversion motor to adjust the rotation speed of draft impeller. This will require the addition of speed control equipment, and the greater the power of the motor, the higher the cost.

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