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How to Clean and Maintain Bearings of Sand Dryer Machine

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Bearing is one of the important parts of sand dryer machine, which has a very important impact on the whole sand drying process. Especially the drying efficiency and drying effect of river sand dryer must depend on the good operation and operation of bearings to achieve. Because bearings are easy to wear and fracture without good maintenance under high working pressure, replacement is needed to force the work to continue.

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In order to prolong the service life of river sand dryer machine, it is necessary to clean, maintain and inspect bearings periodically. According to the actual production experience and combined with the past maintenance methods, Sunco Machinery summarized the maintenance methods of the bearings of river sand drying machine.

1. Careful inspection should be carried out on newly installed carrier rollers. If loose areas are found, timely maintenance and replacement should be carried out.

2. The supporting wheel supports the weight of the whole dryer drum and makes it rotate. The quality of supporting wheel bearings should be guaranteed.

3. Bearing wear will occur in the process of operation. It is necessary to deal with the wear in time and replace new bearings if necessary.

4. In order to reduce friction in the running process of bearings, it is necessary to add proper amount of lubricating oil to the interior of bearings regularly to ensure high efficiency.

5. When the bearing has been used for a certain period, it should be disassembled and cleaned up, so as to really prolong its life.

In order to essentially improve the service life of the bearings of rotary sand dryer, the bearings should be made of better materials and cast well. Only in this way can the wear resistance of the bearings be fundamentally increased and the service life of the bearings be improved.

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