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Reasons for Production Capacity Reducing of Sand Dryer

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Sand dryer Machine mainly dries materials with high fluidity. It has many advantages, such as reliable operation, convenient operation, strong adaptability and large capacity. 

Sand Dryer is often used to dry river sand, artificial sand, quartz sand, slag, etc. However, the problems existing in the sand dryer machine affect its own drying output capacity. What are the defects of the sand dryer? Now let's introduce the possible problems of sand dryer in detail.

Firstly, many people install the sand dryer according to the fire end is higher than the far fire end, in fact, this is the wrong installation method. Sand is originally a kind of material with high fluidity. This type installation will speed up the movement of materials and shorten the residence time of materials in the dryer drum. In this case, the lifting plate in the drum can not work properly, and the drying effect will not be very good naturally. When in production, we can see the fire from the main engine observation port. If we can see the clear flame, it shows that there are few materials in the drum, the space utilization rate of the drum is very low, and a lot of heat energy is lost in vain. This design will also cause unnecessary obstacles to the installation and operation of mineral processing equipment. Because the main engine with inclined angle must be installed with a set of anti-skid roller to fix it in order to prevent the drying equipment from sliding in operation, it is very troublesome.

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Secondly, in order to increase production capacity of sand drying machine, many manufacturers adjust the export temperature and import temperature too high, resulting in waste of energy, but also very easy to reduce the quality of materials, and even cause paste.

Thirdly, the low wind speed in the rotary drum of the sand dryer results in the relaxation of dynamic and static contact force between material and hot air, which results in the inefficiency of the sand drying equipment.

Fourthly, some manufacturers believe that increasing production can increase the length and diameter of the cylinder. This method is wrong. Not only can it not be fully utilized, but it will also cause a large loss of heat energy and increase the area occupied.

Fifthly, the sand dryer machine usually dries along the stream, and the water vapor in the drying process can not be discharged in time. The water vapor in the drum runs too long, and even causes the material to re-merge with water.

Sixthly, the material in the sand drying machine will not do "reciprocating movement", so the material in the rotary drum will be quickly removed by the wind, the material storage in the rotary drum will be reduced, so that the dynamic and static contact area between the material and the hot air will be reduced.

Seventhly, in order to reduce the speed of the material outlet direction, the rotating speed of the drum will be reduced, which will reduce the number of lifts of the material, and can not be fully dried.

The above points are the main factors affecting the production capacity of sand dryer. The existing problems reduce the production output. Proper adjustment during production can effectively reduce the impact on production. Knowing more about sand drying machine and analyzing the reasons will help the production work to proceed smoothly and improve Production efficiency.

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