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Inspection Matters Before Installation of Sand Dryer

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For any drying equipment, the correct installation is the most basic premise to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the equipment, and the sand dryer is no exception. Because of the harsh working environment of sand dryer machine, it is very important to check the equipment before installation. Here, Sunco Machinery summarize for you a few sand dryer installation needs to check what matters.

1. Foundation inspection. Before we install the rotary sand dryer, we should firstly ensure that the surface plane of the foundation is smooth enough to minimize the deviation from the drawings. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether there is oil stain, impurities, cracks and so on on on the foundation, and check whether the reinforcement bar is exposed outside. In addition, attention should be paid to the quality of casting to ensure that the deviation of vertical and horizontal circumference, height and slope should not be greater than 20 mm, and that the non-planarity of 5 mm should not be greater than 1 m in the surface plane, and the total length should not be greater than 10 mm.

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2. Parts inspection. Every sand dryer machine will have a list of manufacturer configuration when it leaves the factory. Before we install the sand dryer, we must check the list one by one according to the contents of the list to see if there are any parts leakage, damage and so on. Once found, contact the manufacturer in time. The widgets should be tested and pre-installed first to see if they can not be assembled due to damage, so as to avoid unnecessary reverse work in the installation of the whole sand drying line.

3. Formulate installation steps. Before installing the sand dryer, attention should also be paid to verifying various testing tools and checking whether the lifting equipment and crane are complete. Then, according to the installation drawings, the correct installation steps should be formulated. For what to install first, what to install later, how to detect and what to pay attention to, the plan should be made beforehand so as to avoid the impact of rework on the progress of the project.

4. Ensuring safety inspection. Safety checks should be made in areas where the sand dryer machine is prone to breakdown and danger, such as checking whether the power cord skin is damaged, whether the wiring is correct, whether the pipeline is protected, etc.

In a word, checking sand dryer machine before installation is an important condition to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the whole sand drying plant. It is suggested that user friends go to professional manufacturers to select qualified sand dryer types to ensure better installation quality and after-sales service.

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