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How to make the sand dryer to achieve the best drying effect?

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By using the suitable ways to make the sand dryer machine to achieve the best drying effect of sand drying system, it is very important for one successful rotary sand dryer machine.

We know that the motor is the necessary equipment for the sand dryer. The size of the motor is directly determined by the output capacity and size of the sand dryer. When customers buy our sand dryer, Sunco Machinery technicians will suggest the reasonable good production power for our customers. 

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Sunco Machinery is one professional China manufacturer of the sand dryer. Find a way to improve the sand dryer working efficiency, so that to have the best drying effect of the sand dryer, let the large sand dryer manufacturers to introduce it to you.

The speed of the electric motor in the sand dryer determines the residence time of the material in the cylinder of the sand drying equipment. The slower the speed is, the longer the drying material stays in the cylinder, the drier the material will be. Otherwise, under certain conditions, the speed of the same specifications of sand dryer affects the production capacity and quality of the sand dryer. Only the best drying effect and the maximum output speed are the most scientific and economical.

The speed of rotary sand dryer is generally 3-5 r/min. According to the actual production situation, its adaptability is not strong enough. The initial moisture of the same kind of material varies greatly in different periods, and the properties of different kinds of materials are different, so different residence time is needed in drying process of sand. For a sand dryer, its length-diameter ratio, inclination angle and lifting plate structure are fixed. If the speed can be adjusted, its residence time can be adjusted in a certain range. If the season is different, it will also be helpful for the quality of sand, especially for drying silica sand, slowing down the rotation speed properly, prolonging the residence time of materials in the sand dryer, and ensuring the production and quality.

After introducing the Sunco Machinery sand dryer machine , we know that the requirement of energy saving and environmental protection is getting higher and higher. Customers who buy sand dryer are more and more concerned about the dust produced in the whole process. Now the size of dust has become one of the reasons to decide whether customers buy it or not, thus the suitable dust collection device for the sand drying machine is necessary.

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