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How to increase the output capacity of sand dryer ?

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There are four effective ways to increase the output capacity of sand dryer. The most intuitive change brought by sand dryer machine is that it covers a small area, but its production capacity is higher. The new sand dryer reduces the size of the cylinder, reduces the heat dissipation area of the cylinder, and maximizes the utilization rate of heat energy. These are important improvements which are very helpful to the users of sand dryer machine

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Of course, for the sand dryer, the most important improvement is its output capacity, so what are the ways to increase the output of the sand dryer ? Today we will list four effective ways to increase the output capacity of sand dryers.

1. The lifting device can be installed in the sand dryer to increase the chance of contact area between material and high temperature hot air. The lifting process should not be too frequent. Otherwise, small particles will be lost with the wind. We should pay attention to controlling the working frequency of the lifting device, so as to control the drying speed of the materials to be dried, which not only improves the drying efficiency. More thorough drying effect.

2. Sand dryer to play a high efficiency, first of all, to ensure the particle size of the feed, after grinding, if the particle size of the material does not meet the standard, then when drying, it will increase the difficulty of drying, large pieces of material in the lifting is not easy to be fully lifted, thus speeding up the feeding speed, so before feeding, the particle size must be even. In the range of grain size, the particle size should be reduced as much as possible, and the particle size should be uniform.

3. Before entering the sand drying machine , the water control should be strict. After strict water control work, the water that could be filtered could not be entered into the sand dryer. The waste of heat not only delayed the drying time of materials, but also seriously affected the production cost and reduced the economic benefits.

4. To increase the temperature of flue gas and convection speed, if water evaporates faster, the usual method is to raise the temperature, but the temperature of flue gas should be operated within a certain range, because the sand dryer itself and materials have a certain high temperature resistance type, which should be firmly controlled, not because of the urgent drying to damage material or rotary sand dryer.

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