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How to operate the sand dryer properly so that have good work performance ?

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In the process of using river sand drying equipment, it is also the key to improve the efficiency and output of river sand drying equipment to grasp the correct use of various details. So, in the process of drying river sand, how should we grasp the correct steps of using river sand drying machine ?

First of all, before using the river sand drying equipment, we should carefully check the various parts of the equipment, and then turn on the machine to ensure that all parts are in a normal state.

Secondly, for the river sand material with high water content, proper dewatering treatment should be carried out first, until the material reaches a certain standard level, and the river sand drying machine should be used for drying treatment in order to avoid increasing the energy consumption of the equipment and reducing the working efficiency of the sand dryer machine.

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Thirdly, grasping the amount of river sand is an important link to ensure the efficient operation of sand dryer. If the feed rate and feed speed are not well controlled, it will easily lead to blockage of the feed port or overload operation of the equipment, which will affect the normal operation of the river sand dryer. In serious cases, it may also cause the bending deformation of the barrel of the river sand dryer, decrease the production efficiency and poor drying quality.

Fourthly, the river sand dryer relies on the full contact of materials and hot air, and then through heat exchange to achieve the purpose of drying. Therefore, heat source equipment is a very important part of yellow sand drying operation, which also requires staff to grasp the control of fuel quantity of combustion furnace, and do a good job of sealing and insulation of the barrel of yellow sand dryer, in order to improve the drying efficiency and quality of river sand dryer.

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