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What are the equipment for drying sand ?

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The equipment for drying sand mainly are rotary sand dryer machine which is to use the high temperature air to heat and dry the wet sand directly, and evaporate the water into water vapor.   After the sand drying process, the moisture content of sand can be reduced to be about 3% or even bone dry as need.

In sand production, reasonable drying of sand with high water content is an important process. So what are the suitable equipment for drying sand ?

equipment for drying sand, sand dryer, sand drying machine

Usually, when a single drum dryer dries sand, the sand entering the drum and the high temperature airflow move in the same direction or in reverse. In this process, the moisture in the sand is quickly removed and dried, and finally the sand reaches the corresponding drying effect.

In recent years, the three-barrel rotary sand dryer has been welcomed by the vast number of users for its advantages of good effect, energy saving and environmental protection in the treatment of sand. The inner structure of the three-barrel rotary sand dryer adopts three-barrel mosaic method, which makes the wet sand go back to the city after entering the barrel, and carries out different heat transfer in different barrels, so as to realize the separation of sand and dust and ensure the drying effect of sand.

equipment for drying sand, sand dryer, sand drying machine

Compared with single-drum rotary sand dryer, three-drum sand dryer can greatly improve the heat utilization rate of equipment in the drying process of sand, thus effectively improving the drying speed and quality of sand. At the same time, because of its high thermal efficiency and strong thermal insulation performance, the three-cylinder sand dryer machine can prevent heat loss through the cylinder, greatly reduce the investment cost of sand drying, and realize the production requirements of low investment and high profit for users.

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