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Maintenance Skills of Gears in Sand Drying Equipment

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In the sand drying operation, gear is the key driving force of the sand dryer, and also one of the key components of the sand dryer machine. 

Therefore, the maintenance of the gear of sand drying equipment is related to the normal operation of the drying equipment. So, what are the gear maintenance skills of drying equipment?

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1. In the process of using sand drying equipment, the lubrication of gears should be checked regularly. Because in the process of gear work, with the extension of drying time, it is easy to produce excessive friction. It is an important condition for maintaining and maintaining the gear of sand drying equipment to check the lubricating oil condition of gear regularly to avoid the friction resistance of gear increasing due to the lack of lubricating oil.

2. The operation environment of sand drying machine is very bad, and the working conditions of gears are correspondingly poor. In the process of sand drying, there will inevitably be a lot of dust and sand drying equipment gear lubricant pollution, so that the gear part will produce a lot of dirt and grease, increase the friction between the gears. Therefore, after using the equipment for a period of time, oil contamination on the gear of the sand drying equipment should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the gear has good lubrication effect.

3. Check the gear wear of sand drying machine frequently. In the operation of sand drying equipment, if the gear wear time is long and the big ring and small gear wear form a step, the pinion of the equipment should be turned over to prevent pinion teeth from breaking. If the wear of gears exceeds the recoverable limit, new gears should be replaced in time to ensure the safe operation of sand drying equipment.

In a word, to maintain the gear of sand dryer machine is an important condition to maintain the safe and efficient operation of drying operation, and also a necessary condition to prolong the service life of sand drying equipment.

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