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Frac Sand Dryer Machine

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After being dried by Sunco Machinery special designed Frac Sand Dryer Machine, the moisture content of frac sand can be reduced to be less than 0.5% as need.

Frac san is the common term for hard, spherical sand used as proppant in natural gas extraction.  The frac sand, meeting strict API specs for spherical shape, hardness and size, is used to fill and make porous the cracks in the rock after hydraulic fracturing so the gas can escape from the shale and be captured.  

Why need to use frac sand dryer machine to dry the frac sand to the certian moisture content in advance ?

Typically, the frac sand is mined, washed and screened and stored in piles for supply of various grades of frac sand.  The sand needs to be dried to the required moisture content before it can be sold or further processed to add a resin coating.

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Frac Sand rotary dryers must be set up to over dry the product to be certain that the product meets specs. This assumes enough heat is necessary to complete the process and the dry sand is still hot.

Rotary frac sand dryers would be more efficient if the input moisture content was consistent, but this is not realistic. In reality, the moisture content of the product entering the dryer varies throughout the day. The moisture content in sand from stockpiles can vary from 4% to 8% because the edges of the stockpile dry out first.  

Since frac sand drying systems are typically specified to reduce output moisture content to 0.5%, rotary frac sand dryer operators must set the heat for the wettest sand expected. This commonly leads to over-heating with the sand exiting dryers at about 93° C. While the frac sand isn’t affected by these temperatures, it obviously wastes money.

Sunco Machinery frac sand dryers feature sophisticated control systems that are capable of adjusting the burner perfectly in real time to match whatever moisture content is in the sand at any point in time, which results in a perfectly dried product without the added expense of overheating it.

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