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Selection of Bucket Elevator for Sand Dryer Machine

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In order to save the land occuption, can select the bucket elevator for the sand dryer machine for feed the wet sand into the sand drying machine.

1. Choose the type of bucket elevator according to the requirements of sand dryer equipment and related conditions. Fixed belt bucket elevator is generally used for large sand dryer to small sand dryer, but if the load is very large, the working conditions are very poor and the oil factory needs to transport semi-finished products, fixed chain bucket elevator can also be considered.

2. According to the installation requirements of sand dryer process equipment, determine the feeding mode; according to the types of materials and related conditions, determine the form of bucket. In general, reverse feeding should be used; however, in order to meet the needs of process equipment, forward feeding can also be used; deep or bottomless buckets can be used for conveying materials with good fluidity and dispersibility, and centrifugal unloading can be used; shallow feeding should be used for conveying materials with more water content, higher viscosity, poor fluidity and dispersibility. The bucket is unloaded by gravity. Mixed unloading can be considered for general materials.

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3. Determine the number of intermediate barrels according to the conveying height.

4. Determine the specifications and models of bucket elevator according to the conveying capacity required by the sand drying process.

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