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Sawdust Rotary Dryer can produce the needed moisture content sawdust for briquetting.

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Sawdust Rotary Dryer by Sunco Machinery can produce the needed moisture content sawdust for briquetting.

Regarding to the suitable moisture content of sawdust to produce the briquette, we suggest that you please inquire the supplier of briquette making machine according to your actual situation. If possible to use their briquette making machine to test your sawdust actually.

According to our past experience, many of our sawdust dryer customers required that the moisture content of the dried sawdust shoule be about 15%. The sawdust too dry or too wet all are not suitable for briquetting. 

We once visit some of the working field of our local customers who bought the sawdust dryer from us but bought the briquette making machine from other companies.  Sometime If the sawdust is too dry, then the briquette is very easy to be broken, AND in order to get the good quality briquette they even have to add water into the too dry sawdust.

This year we export one set of output capacity 3 t/h sawdust drying plant for the Australia customer who purchased the briquette making machine from Germany. The Australia customers visit the Germany company and did the test actually, and they find that 13%-15% moisture content sawdust is very suitable to produce high quality briquette. Australia customer produce and sell the briquette to the local customers for home fireplace use. 

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Please note that the output moisture content of the dried sawdust can be adjusted according to your actual need later. 

If the output moisture content of dried sawdust is too high or too low, you can change the drying time inside the dryer by adjust the rotation speed of the sawdust dryer.  Later on the electric control cabient there is one special speed meter for you to adjust the dryer rotation speed very easily.

For example, if the sawdust output moisture content is too high, then you can adjust the rotation speed of the sawdust dryer to be slower, then the sawdust need more time to pass through the dryer, then the drying time of sawdust inside the dryer will be longer, then more humidity of the sawdust will be evaporated into water vapor.  

Later when commissioning, our technicians will help to train your workers to operate the sawdust drying machine.

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