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Saw dust drying machine

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Saw dust drying machine is used to heat and dry the wet sawdust, and produce the neededed moisture content dry sawdust. Sunco Machinery can design and supply the saw dust drying machine according to the customers' actual situation.

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For the sawdust dryer machine, its inner volume supply the needed drying and evaporation space; its reasonable inner structure help to make the hot air to heat and dry the wet wood shavings sufficiently; its suitable length and rotation speed supply the needed drying time; the draft fan working together with the furnace system supply the needed temperature and quantity of hot air.

For example, Initial moisture content of sawdust is changed to be 30% from about 45%, Output moisture content 15%, Output Capacity 1800kg per hour.

Although the initial moisture content is changed to be 30% from 45%, but the needed output capacity still is 1800kg per hour, what is more, the wood saw dust is light material with low bulk density, it means that the input volume of wet saw dust has not big changes, and the output volume of dry saw dust is same. As a result, our engineers confirmed that the size of the dryer machine should be still same as the earlier design. 

What is more, as we mentioned to you in the last email, the moisture content 45% saw dust can bear higher temperature hot air than the moisture content 30% saw dust. As a result, for the furnace system we have to make some changes so that it can supply the needed temperature hot air, etc. After the hot air furnace, we added one set of ash settling chamber, and its functions as follows:

(1) To be used to collect the ash which is generated during the burning process of waste wood;

(2) Working together with the hot air furnace, to generate the needed temperature and quantity of hot air for the drying system;

(3) To eliminate the fire/spark, and ensure that only the hot air can contact the wet wood shavings with moisture content about 30%.

Except the ash settling chamber, all the other machines are almost same as the earlier quotion. Surely the added Ash settling chamber will add more production cost on us. I have talked it with our managers, and this time we will bear the added cost of the ash settling chamber. As a result, the total price is still same as the earlier quotation.

Compared with the initial moisture content is 45%, when the initial moisture content is 30%, output moisture content is 15%, output capacity is 1800kg per hour, accrdingly the fuel consumption will be lower as the sawdust dryer system needs to get rid of less water from the wet saw dust.  In other words, in long term you can save much cost on the fuel consumption.

No matter the initial moisture content of wet saw dust is 45% or 30%, Sunco Saw Dust drying machine all can used to dry the saw dust to achieve the needed output capacity, but the fuel consumption will be some different.

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