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Dryer Machine for Wood Powder

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The wood powder/wood sawdust milled by the wood is very popular to be used for producing biomass pellet. Biomass pellet can be used to instead of coal, natural gas or diesel, and it is green and recycling fuel which can reduce the Fossil fuel consumption, and help to protect the environment.

The suitable moisture content of wood sawdust powder for making biomass pellet is about 15%-20%, and the humidity of wood sawdust powder can not be to low or too high.

If the humidity of wood powder sawdust is too low, then it is difficult for the pellet mill to press the wood powder into pellets, and also the pellets is easy to be broken.

If the humidity of wood powder sawdust is too high, then the final product of biomass wood pellets will contains much water, and then it will influence the calorific value of the biomass pellet.

Dryer Machine for Wood Powder designed by Sunco Machinery can ideally solve this problem. 

Dryer Machine for Wood Powder also is named sawdust rotary dryer machine. Its mainframe is one cylinder, and inside the cylinder weld much lifting plates which help the high temperature air to heat and dry the wet wood powder sufficiently.

The working process of wood powder drying process is as follows:

Dryer Machine for Wood Powder, wood powder drying machine

01- Belt conveyor sends wet wood powder into the wood powder dryer machine.

02- Burner and hot air furnace supply the burning chamber of fuel, and generate the high temperature air for the sawdust drying machine.

03- Wood Powder dryer machine not only supply the drying chamger and water evaporation chamber for the wood powder drying, but also its special inner structure helps to let the high temperature air to heat and dry the wet sawdust, and evaporate the water into water vapor.

When working, the dryer cylinder is rotating. By adjusting the rotating speed of the rotary sawdust dryer, we can control the drying time.

Finally reduce the moisture content of sawdust to be about 15%-20%.

04- Draft fan is used to makes the high temperature air into the dryer cylinder.

05- Cyclone dust separator is used to collect the dust inside the exhaust air.

06- Outlet belt conveyor takes the dry wood powder from the sawdust dryer machine.

07- Electric Control Panel is used to control all the above machines.

Dryer Machine for Wood Powder, wood powder drying machine

If you are in need of wood powder drying machine, please supply more information as follows:

01- Initial moisture content of wet wood sawdust powder

02- Final output moisture content of dry wood sawdust needed

03- Input capacity (kg per hour) needed 

04- Prefered fuel such as waste wood, diesel, or natural gas, etc 

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