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What is a good use for sawdust ?

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What is a good use for sawdust ?

What is a good use for sawdust, sawdust dryer

The popular use of sawdust is to use the drying sawdust machine to dry the wet sawdust, and reduce its moisture content to be about 15%-18%, then use it to produce biomass fuel such as biomass pellet and biomass briquette.

What is a good use for sawdust, sawdust dryer

For heat and dry the wet sawdust, the suitable sawdust rotary dryer is the key equipment, 

What is a good use for sawdust, sawdust dryer

Sunco Machinery can customize the reasonable sawdust drying machine according to your actual situationa s follows:

** Input moisture content (%) of wet sawdust ?

** Output moisture content (%) of dry sawdust needed ?

** Input Capacity (ton per hour) ?

** Prefered fuel such as coal, firewood, diesel, or natural gas, etc ?

** Other special requirements if have ?

The other good use for daily life is as follows: 

***  Make fake snow. Mix sawdust with white paint and glue to cover holiday crafts with simulated snow.

***  Get a grip. Winter loggers spread sawdust on their truck paths. It provides traction and strengthens compacted snow while protecting the ground underneath.

***  Soak up spills. Keep a bucket handy for accidents. Sawdust is highly absorbent and can quickly contain spills of oil or paint.

***  Feed your plants. Sawdust mixed with manure or a nitrogen supplement keeps your plants healthy and moist, too.

***  Make a fire starter. Melt candle wax in a nonstick pot, add sawdust until the liquid thickens, pour into an empty egg carton, and let cool. Use the briquettes to help get a fire going.

***  Fill wood holes and defects. Used by professional floor refinishers, very fine sawdust or "wood flour" makes an excellent, stainable filler when mixed into a putty with wood glue.

***  Pack a path. Tamp sawdust into a dirt walkway to curtail erosion and create a soft, fragrant pathway through your garden or wooded lot.

***  Chase away weeds. Sawdust from walnut wood is a natural weed killer. Sweep this variety between the cracks of your walkway.

***  Lighten up cement. Sawdust mixed into mortar has long been used when erecting cordwood walls to aid in bonding the logs together. Do the same when casting lightweight vessels and moisture-loving planters.

***  Clean a floor. Moisten a pile of sawdust with water and use a push broom to sweep it around the concrete floor of your garage, basement, or shop. The wet sawdust will capture and absorb fine dust and grime.

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