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Rotating sawdust dryer

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Rotating sawdust dryer also is named rotary drum sawdust dryer is the key drying machine for sawdust and biomass pellets production.

Rotating sawdust dryer is ideal for drying biomass materials such as wood sawdust, rice husk, straw powder, etc with medium and high humidity, and produce high quality biomass fuel such as biomass pellet and briquette. Sawdust pass through the Rotating sawdust dryer, and its moisture content to be reduced to be about 15-18%, and it help increase the biomass fuel efficiency and reduce the emission.

Rotating sawdust dryer, Rotary sawdust dryer, sawdust drying machine

Rotating sawdust dryer machine can be used for drying a wide range of biomass material such as wood sawdust, straw, alfalfa, wood chip, wood shavings, hay, etc. Featured with lower energy consumption and high heat exchanging efficiency, it is widely used in chemical industry, building and construction field, etc. Its heat efficiency reaches 80% which is significantly higher than other type of sawdust drying equipment.

Rotating sawdust dryer, Rotary sawdust dryer, sawdust drying machine

Structure of Rotating sawdust dryer Machine:

Consist of rotating cylinder, transimission device, supporting device and lifting plates, etc. Rotary drum dryer is one horizontal type drying device. \

Rotating sawdust dryer Machine is reasonably designed and with large drying capacity of 0.5-12 t/h, or as need.

There are special designed lifting plates welded in different angles throughout the inner side of whole drum. The feeding place is set door ring and rotary shoveling plates to disperse the wet sawdust sufficiently so that it can be heated by the high temperature air evenly.

Rotating sawdust dryer, Rotary sawdust dryer, sawdust drying machine

Rotating sawdust dryer advantages:

* High Temperature hot air can dry biomass material quickly, evenly and continuously.

* There is thickness 40mm heat insulation layer installed on the outside of the Rotating sawdust dryer, and reduce the heat loss significantly.

* Compact structure, less land occuption,  easy installation.

* Output moisture content of dry sawdust is adjustable as need.

* Stable work performance, High heat efficiency, Less fuel consumption.

Sunco Machinery can design and supply the related Rotating sawdust dryer according to the customers' actual need specially.

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