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How to install the sawdust dryer machine correctly?

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When people use sawdust dryer equipment, there are some misunderstandings about its usage, especially in installation, which directly affect the working efficiency of sawdust dryer to a large extent. Next, we will specifically analyze the sawdust dryer equipment according to the specific situation, hoping to be helpful to everyone when using sawdust dryer.
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Sawdust dryer machine:
In the installation process of sawdust dryer, most of the sawdust dryers are installed in the form of inclination with high fire end and low far fire end. However, this installation method is a very serious mistake. If sawdust dryer is installed in this way, it will only speed up the material flow to the far fire end, and then make the material flow in the far fire end. Sawdust dryer drum internal storage once again reduced, sawdust dryer drum from front to back thousands of flying boards are simultaneously lifting, but the lifted material is not much.

In order to limit the flow speed in the outlet direction of the sawdust dryer, it is often only necessary to limit the speed of the drum of the sawdust dryer to a very low level, which greatly reduces the number of lifts of materials inside the drum. It is precisely because of this that the number of dynamic contacts of hot air in the material box is greatly reduced.

At the same time, the water vapor is dried downstream, and the saturated water vapor of the sawdust dryer is not discharged in time during the drying process. At this time, the water vapor runs too long in the barrel of the sawdust dryer, which causes the moisture of the material to be absorbed again by those dry materials.

sawdust dryer, sawdust drying machine, rotary sawdust dryer

The above problems is caused as the unreasonable design of the inner lifting plates. Sunco Machinery is a professionable manufacturer of sawdust dryer machine. Sunco Machinery can be directly installed horizontally, and thus it solve the related problems of the old design of sawdust dryer as above.

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