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Reasons and Solutions for Slow Drying Speed of Sawdust Dryer

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The drying speed of the sawdust dryer directly affects the output of the equipment and the economic benefit of the users.
So, in the drying process of sawdust dehydration and drying, what is the reason for the slow drying speed, and how can we solve this situation?

Firstly, most of the sawdust dryers are aimed at high humidity materials. Because of the large moisture content in the materials, it is necessary to absorb more heat in the drying process in order to achieve the purpose of dehydration and drying. On the premise of the same temperature and air volume, the higher the moisture content in the material, the longer the drying time. Therefore, for materials with extremely high moisture content, we can first carry out appropriate dehydration treatment to improve the drying speed of the rotary sawdust dryer.
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Secondly, when we are drying materials, the particle size and uniformity of the staff's feed also affect the drying rate to a certain extent. The smaller the particle size of the material, the smaller the internal diffusion resistance and the faster the drying process, while the large particles in the drying process are easy to form a film layer, which prevents the heat transfer of the inner material. Therefore, before drying large materials, we need to crush them properly. 

Meanwhile, the staff's average feeding is also the premise to realize material flow sharing, which can ensure the stability of the thermal system of the heat load of the sawdust dryer and make the moisture content of the material consistent after drying. On the other hand, it can also make the tail gas easy to grasp and control, and ensure the drying quality.

Thirdly, if there is air leakage or insufficient heat in the drum during the drying process of sawdust dryer machine, it will directly reduce the drying speed of materials. Because the sawdust dryer is mainly realized by the heat exchange between material and high temperature flue gas, if the sealing of the drying barrel is not good, the heat can not reach the drying barrel in time. In the case of insufficient heat, the material can not carry out a good heat exchange, thus slowing down the drying speed and causing waste of resources. Therefore, to ensure the sealing and heat adequacy of the drum is an important condition to improve the drying speed of the sawdust drying machine.

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