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What is the difference between airflow sawdust dryer and rotary drum sawdust dryer ?

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Classification of sawdust dryers machine:
There are mainly two kinds of sawdust dryer in the market at present: Rotary drum sawdust dryer and airflow sawdust dryer.

What's the difference between rotary drum sawdust dryer and airflow dryer? They have different advantages and need to be chosen according to their own needs in the process of use.

The rotary drum sawdust dryer has high output, unlimited moisture for raw materials and good quality of finished products. It is a very good sawdust dryer equipment, but it has relatively larger investment, larger area and more infrastructure.
rotary drum sawdust dryer, sawdust drying machine

Airflow sawdust dryer is characterized by small output and excellent quality of finished products. It covers an smaller area with less infrastructure and low investment cost.
sawdust dryer, airflow sawdust dryer

The above two kinds of sawdust dryers are using the direct contact of hot air flow and materials to achieve drying purposes, but the drying structure is different, the principle is different.

Generally speaking, the overall effect of rotary drum sawdust dryer is better, but investors also need to choose according to their own investment conditions

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